Our Mission Statement

JETS of America is 501 (C)(3) Semi Tax Deductible Organization Since it's inception in November of 1997, the goal of "Joining Everyone To Share" has remained the same: to help those that are less fortunate.

On January 15th, 1998, the non-profit organization united and began to raise monies through efforts including cocktails parties, holiday soirees, fishing excursions and generous donations from others that wanted to make a difference.

The members of JETS are a diversified group consisting of both men and women tied together by the common thread of wanting to give a little happiness to those that are in need of hope, caring and support. These members realize that a little humanitarianism will not only help the unfortunate but will also enrich their own lives by feeling an enormous amount of fulfillment. The common goal of selflessly trying to change the lives of the less fortunate has brought this group closer to each other, closer to themselves and closer to humanity.

"Joining Everyone To Share", responds to the need of both children and adults, dealing with all illness, groups or causes. Wanting to help all in need is their main objective. Past causes for fund raising that The Jets have conducted include: scleroderma, a burn victim who needed a skin graft suit, toys for children at Christmas time, funds for families who could not afford to pay funeral expenses, a young man with leukemia, another gentleman with Hodgkin's lymphoma. JETS tries to make life seem positive for these unfortunate souls by showing them that there still are people who care enough to help in any way they can.

Anthony J. Carbone
Chairman of the Board

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